• Consultants on marine transportation of foods. Food scientists and engineers. Cargo surveyors. From New Jersey, U. S. A. and Valencia, Spain
  • Specialized consultants and cargo surveyors with more than 40 years of experience in damage surveys and claim investigations
  • Investigation of damage to food cargoes in reefer and dry containers: temperature records, ventilation, delays, product condition, packaging, stuffing, stripping and cargo transfer.
  • Reefer and dry containers: supervision of stuffing and stripping operations.
  • Evaluation of the cause of damages occurred during storage and transportation of grains, cocoa, coffee, oil-seeds, fertilizers, sugar and other dry cargo.
  • Scientific consultants in legal cases. Critical review and analysis of documentation and evidence gathered. Expert evidence for litigation.  
  • Surveys and analysis of damage during transportation of fresh and frozen foods in reefer containers: bananas, avocados, stone fruits, apples, pears, grapes, meats, fish, seafood....
  • On-line training courses and e-Books on maritime transportation of foods

Claim investigations

Reefer and cargo claim investigations 

Interpretation, from the scientific point of view, of facts and technical data in of order to establish the causes conducting to a cargo claim. This interpretation is based in the following analysis of the information available.

    • Analysis and interpretation of downloaded information from data loggers (or Partlow® charts) in reefer containers or refrigerated vessels.
    • Analysis of events of temperature deviation resulting from reefer malfunction, disconnection during operations, gen-set failure, intermittent disconnections and stuffing of warm cargo.
    • Analysis of the effect of delays in transit on the quality and storage life of food products.
    • Analysis of the suitability of transport parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, gas composition, defrosting periods, ventilation and air exchange in reefer containers and refrigerated compartments to guarantee the preservation of foods and temperature sensible products during transportation.
    • Suitability of packaging, palletizing and stowage pattern as affecting air circulation in reefer containers and therefore product preservation.
    • Review of food product stability as affected by temperature and other parameters. Possible estimation of the reduction of commercial life due to deviation in temperature during transportation of foods and temperature sensible products.
    • Analysis of inspection reports, quality and fumigation certificates, as well as the type of diseases and physiological disorders detected, in order to establish eventual pre-shipment conditions that could lead to management.
    • Interpretation of chemical analyses to determine contamination by seawater or other contaminants.
    • Analysis of product condition and weather data that could lead to possible condensation damage of cargo stowed in dry containers and ship holds. Analysis of ventilation data and desiccants.
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