• Consultants on marine transportation of foods. Food scientists and engineers. Cargo surveyors. From New Jersey, U. S. A. and Valencia, Spain
  • Specialized consultants and cargo surveyors with more than 40 years of experience in damage surveys and claim investigations
  • Investigation of damage to food cargoes in reefer and dry containers: temperature records, ventilation, delays, product condition, packaging, stuffing, stripping and cargo transfer.
  • Reefer and dry containers: supervision of stuffing and stripping operations.
  • Evaluation of the cause of damages occurred during storage and transportation of grains, cocoa, coffee, oil-seeds, fertilizers, sugar and other dry cargo.
  • Scientific consultants in legal cases. Critical review and analysis of documentation and evidence gathered. Expert evidence for litigation.  
  • Surveys and analysis of damage during transportation of fresh and frozen foods in reefer containers: bananas, avocados, stone fruits, apples, pears, grapes, meats, fish, seafood....
  • On-line training courses and e-Books on maritime transportation of foods
  • History

    Our origins date back to 1979 when Dr. J. A. Barreiro & Assocs., Cargo Inspection Service was founded in Caracas, Venezuela, successfully serving P&I correspondents, shipping lines, ship owners, charterers, cargo underwriters, exporters, importers and maritime lawyers. After almost 40 years of national and international experience with professional consultation on maritime transportation, specialized cargo inspections, claim investigations, risk management and scientific advice in legal cases, the cargo inspection service expanded operations to U.S.A. and Europe, as Cargo Inspection Service L.L.C., operating from New Jersey, U.S.A. and Valencia, Spain, serving the Valencian Community and the rest of the world.

    Our associates have high level academic qualifications (Ph.D., M.S., MSEE) in food science, chemical, industrial and electrical engineering and are bilingual English-Spanish.

    Our reports are written in English or Spanish, at client's request. Preliminary reports for surveys are usually presented within 24 hours after the inspection and final reports delivered promptly, usually in less than 72 hours after finishing the work and/or after having lab analyses results available if applies.

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  • Mission, Vision & Values


    To provide comprehensive, responsive and high quality service in order to become the first choice for specialized consultation and cargo inspection services, delivering to our clients unmatched performance, unparalleled accountability, and the highest level of satisfaction.


    To provide high quality, professional, and truthful services to our clients with our team of experts and scientists, characterized by our clear communication, superior performance, professional integrity, continuous improvement, client value creation, and results.


    Our company pillars to reach our mission and the the driving force behind all our work are:

    Professional Integrity

    Superior performance




    Quality service




  • Associates

    • J. A. Barreiro. Chem. Eng., M.S., Ph.D. (Food Science). Professor (retired) Food Science and Engineering. Universidad Simón Bolívar. New Jersey, USA - Valencia, Spain. [email protected]
    • M. Salas, Ing. Prod., M.Sc. Valencia, Spain. [email protected]
    • C. D. Barreiro, Elect. Eng., M.S.E.E. Valencia, Spain. carlosbarreiro[email protected]
    • J. V. Ruiz. Ing. Agroind., M.S. Food Science. Professor (retired) Universidad de Los Llanos Ezequiel Zamora. Venezuela.  [email protected],  [email protected]
    • R. Gómez, Senior surveyor. Venezuela. [email protected]
    • T. Martínez, Surveyor. 
    • J. A. Barreiro Jr .. Chem. Eng.-Consultor. 

  • Partial list of clients

      • Starfruit Ltd, Attard, Malta
      • Planet Food Importers LTD, Attard, Malta
      • Moller & ACI S.A.S., Bogotá, Colombia
      • Maersk Line, Caracas, Venezuela
      • Maersk Logistics Venezuela S. A., Caracas, Venezuela
      • Venepandi C. A., Caracas, Venezuela
      • W. Moller Ajustadores C.A., Caracas
      • SA\VE Sader-Diers + von Etzdorf Assecuranzbureau, Hamburg, Germany
      • Evergreen International Corporation, Taiwan
      • Total Marine Corporation C. A., Caracas, Venezuela
      • PANDICA, Caracas
      • PANDISERVICE S.A. , Caracas
      • Servicios Taliven C.A., Caracas
      • GCS Global Cargo Surveyors, Hamburg, Germany
      • Expertisebureau Harmsen & de Groot., The Netherlands
      • S.G.C Transporte, Santiago, Chile
      • McLarens Young International, Caracas
      • DHL- C. A. Danzas Venezolana, Caracas
      • Matheus & Ulloa Assocs. Bufete de Derecho Marítimo,Caracas
      • Araque, Reyna, Sosa, Viso & Pittier, Abogados, Caracas, Venezuela
      • Vanguard International Inc., Issaquah, Wa.-USA
      • Vanguard Marketing Services, Grand Cayman
      • F. C. Bloxom Co., Seattle, Wa-USA
      • Gold Harbor Commodities Inc., Seattle, Wa-USA
      • Frigoríficos Ordaz S.A., FRIOSA, Puerto Ordaz
      • Representaciones Lamoth C.A., Caracas
      • Importaciones 3008, Caracas
      • Globalpandi, Puerto Cabello
      • Frank B. Hill & Co
      • Agrícola de Seguros, Bogotá, Colombia
      • D’Amico Line
      • Cía. Trasatlántica Española
      • Adda’s Productos Alimenticios, Caracas
      • Agroking C.A., Barquisimeto
      • Alimentos del Campo S.A., Barquisimeto
      • Agroindustrial Bejuma C.A., BejumaAlimentos El Faro, Punta de Piedras
      • Risk and Claim C.A., Ajustadores, Caracas
      • King Ocean Service
      • Italian Line
      • Hapag Lloyd A.G.
      • Taurel (as agents)
      • Getramar (as agents)
      • Servinave La Guaira (as agents)
      • Wikborg, Rein & Co., Advokatfirma, Bergen, Norway
      • Haight, Gardner & Assocs., New York
      • Kirlin, Campbell & Keating, New York
      • Terriberry, Carroll, Yancey & Farrell, New Orleans
      • Grupo de Empresas Weill
      • Otipa, Ajustadores
      • List & Assocs., Ajustadores
      • EWL-Europe West Indies Line
      • SENIAT, Caracas
      • C.A. Venezolana de Navegación
      • Industrias Melrose, Cagua
      • Seguros Carabobo
      • Seguros Ávila
      • Seguros Orinoco
      • MAR 54 C.A., Caracas

  • Clients P & I Clubs

    • American S/S Owners Mutual P&I Assoc, Inc.

    • Assuranceforeningen Gard

    • Assuranceforeningen Skuld

    • ANTRA, Germany

    • Britannia Steam Ship Ins. Assoc.

    • Liverpool & London Steamship P&I Assoc.

    • London Steam Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Asoc.

    • Newcastle P&I Assoc.

    • North of England P&I Assoc.

    • Ocean Marine Mutual Insurance Assoc.

    • Raetsclub Marine Insurance BV

    • Standard Steamship Owners’ P&I Assoc.

    • Steamship Mutual Underwriters Assoc.

    • Sveriges Angfartygs Assurans Forening.

    • The Swedish Club Greece.

    • United Kingdom Mutual Steamship Assurance Assoc.

    • West of England Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Assoc.

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