• Consultants on marine transportation of foods. Food scientists and engineers. Cargo surveyors. From New Jersey, U. S. A. and Valencia, Spain
  • Specialized consultants and cargo surveyors with more than 40 years of experience in damage surveys and claim investigations
  • Investigation of damage to food cargoes in reefer and dry containers: temperature records, ventilation, delays, product condition, packaging, stuffing, stripping and cargo transfer.
  • Reefer and dry containers: supervision of stuffing and stripping operations.
  • Evaluation of the cause of damages occurred during storage and transportation of grains, cocoa, coffee, oil-seeds, fertilizers, sugar and other dry cargo.
  • Scientific consultants in legal cases. Critical review and analysis of documentation and evidence gathered. Expert evidence for litigation.  
  • Surveys and analysis of damage during transportation of fresh and frozen foods in reefer containers: bananas, avocados, stone fruits, apples, pears, grapes, meats, fish, seafood....
  • On-line training courses and e-Books on maritime transportation of foods


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Spain: +34 611 179 140           Standard time: CEST (UTC+1)

 U. S. A.: +1 856 677 8460
          Standard time: EST (UTC-5)

  Telegram: @drjaba1

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